Core Programs


Ecumenical Programs

The Council and its General Secretariat engage in regular ecumenical dialogue and initiatives among churches in the East and global Christian churches and partners as a part of its bridge-building mission of koinonia. The main objectives are to inspire a unified response on key issues and engage in collaboration with churches and church families on work of mutual interest.

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وفد من مجلس كنائس الشرق الأوسط بضيافة الكنيسة الدانماركية

بدعوة من أبرشية آلبورغ الدانماركيّة، قام وفد من مجلس كنائس الشرق الأوسط بزيارةٍ مسكونيّة (24-31 أيار 2019) للتعرّف على الكنيسة الوطنية اللوثرية وخدمتها وحياتها في الدانمارك.

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MECC delegation hosted by the Danish Church

At the invitation of the Danish diocese of Aalborg, a delegation from the Middle East Council of Churches conducted an Ecumenical visit (May 24-31, 2019) to learn about the Lutheran National Church


برنامج “الدعم لمواجهة تأثيرات الحرب”

نظمت دائرة الشؤون اللاهوتية والعلاقات المسكونية في مجلس كنائس الشرق الأوسط ورشة تدريب وهي الثانية حول برنامج “الدعم لمواجهة تأثيرات الحرب” الموجّه إلى الرعايا وخدّام الأبرشيّات العراقيّة في مركز “لقاء” للمؤتمرات” في منطقة الربوة – لبنان، ما بين ٢١ و٢٤ تشرين الثاني الماضي، شارك فيها كهنة وأخوات من العراق يمتلكون مهارات القيادة والقدرة على العمل كوسطاء لأبرشياتهم.


Interfaith Programs

Both Christianity and Islam were born in the Middle East. And, both have important roles to play in the development of a peaceful and prosperous region which upholds the human rights and dignity of peoples of all faiths. MECC is committed to dialogue and activities which support interfaith relations, religious tolerance, equitable citizenship and harmonious co-existence among people of diverse faith traditions.

Intl Youth Meeting In Lebanon Organizers

Youth Programs

MECC supports the development of Christian youth in the Middle East. The Council’s Youth Programs provide leadership training and capacity building, opportunities to actively participate in the regional and global Ecumenical movement, spiritual development, and opportunities to engage in dialogue with youth of other faiths.



MECC’s communications department shares the Council’s vision, mission and work with stakeholders in the Middle East and around the world. It is responsible for managing MECC’s website, social media presence, publications, media relations and partnerships, video production and the MECC Archives.