Partner News: WCC & NCA Publish ‘The Protection Needs of Minorities From Syria And Iraq’ Report

By: Staff
Date: 15 March, 2017

The World Council of Churches (WCC) and Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) have published the full report of their study on ‘The Protection Needs of Minorities from Syria and Iraq’ , which is available in both English and Arabic for download.

The report seeks to provide detailed information to Syrian and Iraqi churches, faith-based organizations and NGOs, as well as neighboring countries, international NGOs and donors in the search for solutions and appropriate humanitarian and development approaches to address the complex range of challenges resulting from the two on-going conflicts.

Both conflicts have had a substantial impact on their countries’ civilian populations, with millions becoming internally displaced and/or seeking refuge in neighboring countries such as Jordan and Lebanon. Persecution of minority groups with particular vulnerabilities has occurred in each, though in different ways. ‘The Protection Needs of Minorities from Syria and Iraq’ Report breaks down the differences and similarities, and looks at the way other factors — such as gender and age — intersect with sectarian concerns.

Read the full report: