The Archives

Restoring the Middle East Council of Churches Archives

Due circumstances of war, the meticulous care and organization of the MECC Archives was lost in the mid-2000s. Thousands of books, reports, VHS tapes, DVDs, photographs and video reels were hastily boxed up and taken to a safe location away from MECC’s Head Office in Beirut. This necessary, yet tragic, situation resulted in the temporary loss of access by scholars, theologians and MECC itself to a rich historical record on Christianity in the Middle East, Ecumenism in the Middle East and MECC’s past.

In April 2018, MECC began the long process of restoring its Archives, digitalizing the contents and upgrading access options to include an online portal for the most important documents and media. Stage 1, which will be completed by the end of July 2018, has been to catagorize all materials by media and topic and begin to calculate the quantity of items in the archive.

This will be a multi-year journey and we hope you will follow along! Watch our documentaries below and stay tuned for updates.