Ecumenical Dialogue

The General Secretariat engages in regular ecumenical dialogue between churches in the East and at the global level as a part of its bridge-building mission. The main objectives are to inspire a unified response on key issues and identify areas of collaboration between churches and church families.

Interfaith Dialogue

Both Christianity and Islam were born in the Middle East. And, both have important roles to play in the development of a peaceful and prosperous region which upholds the human rights and dignity of peoples of all faiths. MECC is committed to dialogue and activities which support interfaith relations, religious tolerance and harmonious co-existence among people of diverse faith traditions

Capacity Building

MECC supports the development of staff at faith-based organisations, as well as youth and women seeking to build professional and inter-personal skills through ecumenical formation and capacity building programs. These programs are designed to give people the tools they need to prosper and contribute to their communities.

Diakonia & Social Justice

The DSJ Unit puts Christian values into action, emphasising that Diakonia (faith enacted in the world) is for all people, not only for Christians. DSJ takes a systems-based approach to its work, seeking to ensure human rights and dignity are guaranteed for all peoples living in the Middle East.